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Monday, February 21, 2011

Real Life School Of K-ON

 music room is on the third floor.

 Door on the left is the room.

Filled with visitors' love for K-ON!!.

Illustrations and postcards featuring K-ON!! characters.
 Yui's exam sheet was put on display. circle means correct and tick means incorrect in Japan, so she's actually pretty bad.

 You can freely draw on the blackboard, if you can find space.
 An Organ.
 The sheet music was Pure Pure Heart, played in the 7th episode of the anime.
 A flyer telling the launch of the 2nd season. Should there be the third season soon.
 Costume for the band, maybe.
 Miscellaneous goods brought by fans.

Gamera figure is acting as Ton-chan, a pet turtle of the school band in the anime.

Drummer Ritsu's favorite helmet 
 Keyboard player Tsumugi's train pass. It seems to be a genuine pass of the Eizan Electric Railway but has owner's name "Tsumugi Kotobuki". The fan who purchased this should be a real enthusiast.

 Sales receipt from shops that appear in K-ON!!
 Desks and tea set was set in the center of the room.

 Guitarist Yui's application sheet for the school band.
 This door should lead to storage room...
 Cupboard was placed in the room. One of many difference from the anime.
 Voice actresses' autograph.
 And in the next room...
 ...is the stage.
 Where band members should have had party with their fans in the 7th episode.

 Someone donated the guitar so you can actually play the tune.

The roof is closed. They say there's a room for stargazing..

Should be some safety reasons.

The building seen in the right is the school auditorium, where the band had a concert.

An azimuth table. The needle is connected to weathercock on the roof. You can know the wind direction here.

Going home.

May there be K-ON!! concerts here.

part 2 coming soon...


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